Music School in Abu Dhabi

The Young Musician Music Institute (TYMMI) at Al Raha Mall & Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE, was established in 2002.

Our Vision and Motive are to provide a cherishing professional music school for anyone to fine-tune their skills, learn music and become inspirational musicians.

We fostered countless music students over the years, and some of them have already established themselves as excellent musicians & educators. We always provide result-oriented teaching protocols. So, now that you have dreamt big, it’s time to achieve it!

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    Music Lessons That Inspire

    We believe that performance-based music education is the most beneficial for anyone to gain musical proficiency. This is possible at our music institute with lessons of music for beginners, Trinity graded & diploma courses, and performance masterclasses. Your music lessons will be tailored to your individual needs. Our music lessons are designed keeping in mind the star performer in you!

    Music Genres We Offer

    Our Music Institute offers individual and group music lessons in an extensive range of instruments and genres, be it rock, blues, pop, country, heavy metal, reggae, classical, jazz, music production or most popular piano, singing, guitar, violin or drum lessons.

    Dance Classes & Performing Arts

    Our Music Institute has independent dance studios where we provide excellent dance education in your favourite genre; Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Bolly-Hop and Yoga & Performing Arts.

    Music Teachers at Our Music School

    Music teachers at our Music School hold high academic credentials for International music. They are of various nationalities and are amazing musicians themselves. Our renowned music instructors impart the skills, experience, and exposure to excel in music!

    Registered Trinity College Center

    Our affiliation is with Trinity College, London, and we are among the top-rated music schools in UAE. We are the authorized music theory & practical examination center of Trinity College, London.  Our syllabus includes Classical and Rock & Pop and spans from initial to Grade 8, Associate, Licentiate, and Fellowship diplomas.

    No admin or additional charges on top of the exam fees when you register Trinity exams at our music institute!

    Music Courses

    Beginners’ & Enthusiasts’ Courses

    Beginners’ & Enthusiasts’ Music Courses are designed for the starter & intermediate level students for music instruments & singing.

    Trinity College, London – Grades & Diplomas

    Trinity’s graded exams in classical and jazz are offered from the Initial to Grade 8. The diplomas offered are ATCL, LTCL and FTCL.

    Trinity College, London – Rock & Pop Courses

    Trinity’s Rock & Pop Exams are for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards & Vocals. Students play the music they love and develope a range of skills.

    Performance Master Classes

    Performance Master Classes are a set of advanced music courses aimed to develop Solo Recital, Band & Ensemble skills.

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    Why Study Music at our Music School?

    We set out a framework for what should be taught in music classes. We nurture young musicians to turn into motivated learners through providing them regular band & ensemble practices and recitals where they get to perform.

    Our lessons incorporate a performance aspect as it is the most effective way of making musical progress and gaining musical expertise.

    Open Day for Music & Dance at Our Music Institute

    We offer free trial lesson to new students and every so often we have open days for music instruments, singing, dance, performing arts & yoga.
    Do you have a passion for mastering a music instrument or art of singing? Are you a budding musician or a dancer? We encourage you to attend an open day to explore the facilities and opportunities at our music institute and dance studio.

    We offer group and private music & dance lessons for children aged 4+ as well as adults of any age.

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