How to Enjoy Music Performance

No Pressure: How to Enjoy Performing!

Live performance plays a crucial role in perfecting the art of music. More so, it gives you the confidence to believe in your own set of skills. And whether you’re a sought-after artist with thousands of gigs under your belt or a newbie looking to get a break, the pressure of performing live music can take a toll on you.

Having ‘butterflies in the stomach’ prior to performing is acceptable. But nervousness might ruin your only chance to show the world what you have got. Luckily, this jitters can be addressed quite effectively with a little help from your teachers & parents.

Do you want to add vigour and spark in your performance to let the crowd sing along with you? Here’s what you can do to make your performance lively and lit.

Practice well

This makes total sense. The more you master your art, the less you get nervous about it. The practise sessions tell you what works well and what needs more work. It enlightens you with the emotions and thoughts while you perform.

From impromptu jamming sessions with the band to individual heavy-duty practice, every aspiring musician needs to understand that merely playing the songs won’t cut it. The members have to invest time, bond well, and practice as much in a week to ensure that they don’t fumble through.

Verbalize or write about your anxiety

It’s no wonder that venting out your emotions in any way is a great way to enhance your productivity. According to a recent study, students can improve their performance and combat anxiety by writing about it on a piece of paper before their big exam. Music students are advised to do the same before appearing for musical performance.

Take a small notebook and a pen, and list down all the fears in your head. If that doesn’t help you, grab your buddy’s arm and pour your heart out. This might help you with seeing things from a different perspective.


No matter you are a singer or a guitarist, warming up is equally important for every musician. Find a silent corner, take a few minutes to play or sing a little bit, imaging yourself up there on the stage. Try out your Rockstar clothes and let the vibes sink in. This is an excellent way to prep yourself to face the mob and get in the zone.

Shake off the nerves

Let not anxiety get you. Performing is a big deal, and you surely don’t want to destroy it in anyway. Before you hit the stage, do something that will elicit the best out of you. If the undermining pressure weighs you down, try meditating or having a moment of silence. One best way to get ready for the big day is to cleanse away, take good 8 to 9 hours of sleep, and steer clear from overwhelming noises.

Remind yourself that the performance is not for the world; it is for yourself. Therefore, you should enjoy it the most.

Opt for your favourite song

It’s your performance. It’s your call. If you want your performance to reach straight to the hearts of your audience, you have to feel it first. This is only possible when you choose a song that’s closest to your heart and perform it with that extra pop and sizzle.

The adrenaline rush will induce your brain to believe that you’ll nail this performance, and perhaps, it will end your anxiety. Better yet, make you excited and sound like a seasoned professional.

Check out your venue

Pathetic setups can take away the feel of the performance and the energy of the performer. It can make them sound uninspired, dull, and instantly forgettable. Hence, the performance becomes equivalent to soggy Rice Crispies. As a musician, you are not just going to go up there and do your job. You will be interacting with a bunch of people.

The foremost thing is to tick-off sound check. It involves setting up all your musical instruments appropriately, having the sound engineer by your side to allow him to place the microphone in its position, cabling up instruments, and then giving a shot so that the sound engineer can determine reasonable levels. Besides, sound checking makes the musicians comfortable with the stage. However, all of this has to be done before you take up the stage to perform.

Knowing the little details of your venue will help you with putting up an outstanding show, and channel it effectively into your performance.

Practice fearlessness

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay. Because only then you learn something new. Learn to hush the critic in your mind and move past your mistakes. If you forget the lyrics, hum or create a lyrics on the spot and jump on the next one but keep going.

Play courageously, become mentally stronger and recover from setbacks quickly. Your music will touch the hearts of the audience only when you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Take away

Music is all about dancing to the tunes and making your heart sing along. If it’s nothing anywhere near to this, you need to seek assistance from passionate and enthusiastic individuals to get back on track. The Young Musician Music Institute can help you for your ‘Grand Nite’ that guarantees to sweep the audience off of their feet.