Beginners’ & Enthusiasts’ Courses

Beginners’ & Enthusiasts’ Music Courses

Beginners’ & Enthusiasts’ music courses at The Young Musician Music Institute comprises of a set of music lessons which makes learning music easy, fast & fun.

The structure of these music courses for beginners keeps the students’ enthusiasm alive and enables them to successfully commence their music performances in a short time.

Piano Lessons

Our music school provides piano lessons in classical, jazz & pop. The lesson structure enables students to gain unique skills as performers.

Guitar Lessons

At our music institute, we teach Classical, Acoustic & Electric Guitar in genres such as Rock, Metal, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Classical and so on.

Drum Lessons

Our Drum Lessons feature a huge range of songs spanning all contemporary styles so that students get exposure to all musical genre.

Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons are offered in various streams such as Rock, Pop & Classical. The lessons focus on developing a variety of vocal techniques.

Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard lessons are offered in various genres. Special focus is given for developing technical expertise and mastery over the instrument.

Violin Lessons

Our Violin lessons feature traditions like classical, jazz, pop, country, folk and bluegrass and the teaching methods are effective but easy.

Viola Lessons

Opting our Viola lessons will prepare you to form a duet, a string quartet, or even join an amateur orchestra or string ensemble.

Cello Lessons

Our cello lessons aim at making the student proficient to play any musical composition, solo or with other accompanying musicians.

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele lessons that we provide are easy and fun and students will be playing thier first song in no time!

Saxophone Lessons

Sax lessons are versatile that students will be learning the craft to create music across many different genres.

Flute Lessons

Our Flute lessons instill a sense of discipline in students to have a focus on excelling in it. They can try it out on various genres.

Recorder Lessons

An easy musical instrument to learn, our lesson styles will help the students to play songs just after a couple of lessons.

Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons impart a deeper level of understanding about your instrument and better singing and playing caliber.

Toddlers Music Lessons

Through our lessons, children will begin to recognise rhythm and gains cognitive benefits that support their early development.