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Magical Moments Start with Music! Let us Help you Reach Those Moments! “Let the Music be Heard!”

The Young Musician Music Institute at Al Raha Mall & Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi were founded about two decades ago. Our Vision and Motive were to establish a fostering and professional environment for anyone to develop their musical talents. Our music training is not only focused on teaching musical instruments or singing, but also to develop the students’ performance caliber through providing them regular band and ensemble practices. Throughout the lessons & practices, they get excellent exposure to all music genres such as Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Country & Classical. We also organize seasonal concerts for our students. Our prime viewpoint is that performance-based music education is the best way for students to gain musical expertise and all our lessons incorporate a performance aspect!

During these years, we have been nurturing the talents of thousands of students of whom some are now established as excellent professional musicians & educators themselves. Our faculty comprises of extra-ordinary musicians from across the globe. With our renowned music teachers who have been in your shoes, we can provide you with the guidance necessary to achieve greatness.

We believe that the music culture needs to develop consistently, and strive to provide musicians who can make our tomorrow better!

Our Affiliation

We are affiliated with the Trinity College, London and we are one of the most sought-out music schools in the country. Not only we provide the students with outcome-driven teaching protocols, but we prepare them for the prestigious examinations of the Trinity college, London. We are the authorized examination centre of the Trinity College, London where international examiners come to our institute to assess the examinees on the allotted exam dates. Ranging from the Classical and Rock & Pop syllabus from initial to Grade 8, Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship diplomas (Fellowship is of a commensurate with a Masters Degree), we have everything!

From confidence building to instrument-playing, we give our students the skills, experience, and exposure for them to excel in their field of choice! So, now that you have dreamt big, it’s time to achieve it!

Our History

With the goal to harness the raw musical talent from children and adults, The Young Musician Music Institute made its launch in 2002. The notion is to believe that everyone has the creative side to them, and we believe that we can provide substance to that creativity.

We believe that everyone has the right to explore the depths of music and meaning behind each lyric or tune. Which is exactly what we teach our students! Providing graded music lessons & degree programmes, The Young Musician Music Institute have it all!

Our Vision

By delivering innovative yet progressive teaching, we provide education with harmony!. By maintaining the highest standards of technical, creative, as well as professional learning practices, we ensure that you showcase your talent on the biggest stage. Moreover, we have experts who walked down the same path as our students. So, we can guide you perfectly towards the artistic path.

Our Mission

We, at The Young Musician Music Institute, confidently rely on our sustainable teaching practices to spark the inner musician in you. We groom your talent & inspire you to make a difference in the society by your virtuosity.

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Our Values

  • Creative – Fostering work through inspiration.
  • Committed – Dedicated, Responsible and Reliable.
  • Quality:  We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.
  • Progressive – Authentic music learning experiences.
  • Integrity: Trust is about being bona fide with one another
  • Inclusiveness: We believe, inclusiveness and diversity enrich learning.
  • Excellence: High musical achievements.
  • Aspiration: Set objectives.

Band & Ensemble Practising Sessions

Band performance & Ensemble practising sessions help students boost their self-esteem while fostering teamwork.

At The Young Musician Music Institute, our professional music teachers offer band & ensemble training sessions and classes that foster the performance skills in every student while refining their unique skillset.

More about Band Sessions                                       More about Ensembles

International Examinations

International examiners from Trinity College, London conduct six exam-sessions at our institutes in an year to assess the examinees.

Classical & Jazz / Rock & Pop Graded Exams allow students to perform and gain international certification for their music skills.

Theory of Music Graded Exams enable the study of musical theory in practical formats.

Certificate Exams offer a performance-only alternative to graded exams for solo performers or groups at various levels.

Diplomas (ATCL, LTCL and FTCL) let you foster your music skills to the next level in performance, teaching or theory.

More about TCL                                                More about Rock & Pop

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Concerts & Recitals

We organise seasonal concerts at local venues where students can showcase their talents.

Children often feel reluctant to participate in public performances, but we progressively encourage them to reap the profound benefits of playing in recitals.

The standing ovation and a round of applause that children receive introduces a sense of achievement in them. Watching your child exudes confidence will make any parent proud.

Master Classes

We organise Master Classes and workshops, where professional musicians strive to polish your music talents and refine your skills.

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