Music Lessons Abu Dhabi

7 Benefits of Our Music Lessons

As a parent, you’ve got your hands full in taking care of your children’s education. You are doing a tight-rope walk to balance between their studies and extracurricular activities, from playing sports to adding artistry to their capabilities.

Luckily for you, music is one of those activities which could help your child achieve a healthier lifestyle. However, different considerations come to mind when you think about getting music lessons for your child.

The first thing that bothers us as parents is the cost factor, which we have to spare every week or month for this activity. Another aspect to ponder is about the efficiency of the music teachers with whom your children will be learning from; since you would not want your labour to be futile.

However, we at The Young Musician Music Institute are the most sought out music educators in UAE. So, what makes us different? Keep reading to find out!

Different Styles of Music

Our teachers are well-equipped and experienced in the field of music. Our students, in particular, have the choice to pursue any genre they wish to master. From classical and contemporary to jazz and blues, we have everything for your children. Our teachers know exactly what is required for each genre and how they must go about it.

Qualified Performers

What makes our music teachers different is that they are performers in their own right. They can provide technical training to your children and can deliver insights from a performer’s perspective. They are experienced & qualified to help your child to achieve the necessary skills to become wonderful performers.

Dealing with Confidence

Our music teachers are top performers, which qualifies them as experts in dealing with issues that many budding artists’ face. For instance, they have overcome the ‘stage freight’ & ‘anxiety’ episodes themselves before they started their careers.

Moreover, they know other factors which can help children to be confident enough to perform in competitive situations. They provide ample guidance & opportunities for the students to perform by consistently organising concerts for them.

High-Quality Training

Music is food for the soul and that is the exact vibe our teachers are striving to infuse in our students. This is one the aspects where our training will differ. In other words, with high-quality music training and intensive instruction, our students not only achieve excellence in music but in different walks of life. Our goal is to develop resilience, self-esteem and a sense of purpose in them.

Apprenticeship with Musicians and Bands

We are associated with a myriad of excellent musicians & bands. Our goal is to expand the horizons of our students by making them collaborate with these stalwarts. Moreover, our exposure is not only limited to just one or two genres but we have experts who delves in many.

Result-Oriented Exams

We are associated with the Trinity College, London (TCL) and students prepare for its prestigious examinations. Our music teachers will train them as per the curriculum provided by the TCL so that they can perform in front of international judicators.

Most of our students were held in high-regard, in terms of performance & technical skills at these exams. We work extensively to nurture your children to achieve immense passion & utmost perfection to become compelling musicians.

Teaching Methods

Our music teachers are exceptional performers, with proven results in their pedagogy. From the initial finger exercises to advanced playing techniques, they have a great deal of ideas to share.

Our vision is to inspire the students that requires focus and discipline. Our music teachers establish weekly practice routines and unique methods to teach students on how they can play instruments which they desire.

All in all, music makes life fun, which children need in their lives. In this regard, we nurture their talents and let them use it in full bloom. The benefits mentioned showcase what we strive to offer our students with our experienced music teachers.

Rest assured, that the time and investment you placed for the benefit of your children are in safe hands. We also ensure that your child is associating with like-minded individuals who will be the musical family throughout their time at The Young Musician Music Institute. So, let us help them to become notable contributors for the future. Join us now!