Can Musical Training Improve a Child’s Cognitive Functioning?

For decades, scientists have been interested in the correlation between music and brain function. Several of these correlational studies have shown that children who underwent music training showed improved cognitive functioning in all areas of life and even excelled academically. Of course, the performance improvement was most evidently observed in areas that are closely linked […]

5 Reasons Why Every Musician Should Study Jazz

Every music genre has its own rules, methodologies, and tools that give it a unique twist and set it apart from the other genres. Learning a specific genre of music will always teach you something new that no other genre can. That said, there is a music genre that won’t just teach you new methods […]

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Music

Music production is an art that takes years of practice. As a beginner, there are some mistakes you need to avoid, so they don’t become a habit.

9 Facts You Didn’t Know about Jazz

Jazz is spontaneous, expressive, soulful, and endlessly exciting. Click here to learn some interesting facts about jazz you may not know.

9 Benefits of Singing for Your Health

Do you enjoy singing and don’t want to let go of your passion? Well, you shouldn’t! In fact, here are 9 health benefits of singing to convince you to keep singing and not give up!

How to Maintain Stage Presence During A Performance

Good stage presence can help you become a successful performer. Learn how to maintain stage presence.

Beginner’s guide to piano lessons-INFOGRAPH

Here are some beginner’s guide to piano lessons;

Instruments to master in 2023-INFOGRAPH

Here are the instruments to master in 2023;

Modern Music Education: Themes, Instruments, and Artists

Modern music education has evolved a great deal over time. The landscape of music teaching and education has changed greatly in the past few decades. Find out more about it here.

Exploring the Music Genre of Heavy Metal for Modern Societies

Have you heard of the music genre ‘heavy metal’ before? If not, then let’s find out more about it.

Tips For Beginner Drummers – Infographic

These are the following tips for drummers who have just started. Read more about tips in the following infographic.

Why You Should Take Dance Lessons – Infograph

There are several reasons about why you should take dance lessons. Learn more about it here.

8 Most Popular Types of Dance Classes

Do you often find yourself tapping to the beat of different songs? Then find out which dance style is the best to unleash the inner dancer in you.

Musicians Who Changed the World

Heading to your next music lesson? Here are some notable musicians who’ll inspire you.

7 Ways the Music Industry Has Changed Over the Past Decade

The music industry is constantly changing. Read this blog to find out how the music industry has evolved over the past decade.

The History of Jazz and How the Its Future Looks

Have you ever wondered about the rich history behind jazz music? Here’s why jazz is historically one of the most important music genres out there.

How To Learn A Song On The Piano – Infograph

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Basic Tips For Guitar Beginners – Infograph

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Cool Instruments That You Should Consider Learning – Infograph

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Tips To Become A Better Vocalist – Infograph

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Ukulele Is Not Obsolete – Learn About The Easiest Instrument in History

Ukulele can be the stepping stone to your music journey. Here’s why they’re popular and easier to learn:

Study Music: Types of Courses A Candidate Can Take In Music

Music as a field of study is vast. There are many courses and degrees to choose from. Know your prospects here.

An Ultimate Guide to Music Genres–Pop & Rock

Do you know about the Pop and Rock Music Genres? Learn everything about the music genres, their structure, and their rich history.

Guitar vs. Ukulele – Types, Differences, Difficulty, Use

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The Benefits of Professional Singing Lessons – Infograph

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The Best Musical Instruments for Beginners

Here’s a list of the best musical instruments for beginners. Don’t forget to invest in musical instrument lessons to perfect your chosen instrument!

A Comprehensive list of the Greatest Classical Composers the World Has Ever Seen

Fans and scholars vary in their opinions regarding the top classical composers, but here’s a list containing some names regarded as the most significant.

Music as a Subject of Study: A Closer Look at Why You Should Study Music

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of music instrument lessons or studying the discipline in detail? Read on before enrolling yourself in music diploma courses.

Benefits of Learning Music – Infograph

There are several benefits of learning music. It contributes to personal growth and helps develop confidence. Read more about the benefits in this infograph.

5 Effective Music Teaching Strategies for Today’s Learners

A music institute should adopt modern technology and other effective learning strategies to help aspiring musicians achieve a successful music career.

Listening Music makes you feel happy – Infograph

Music has significant benefits , not only it makes you happy but It improves brain power, much more.Read more about it in this infograph.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Trinity Digital Examinations

An Easy, Step-By-Step Guide on How To Apply, Register, Log In, Verify, Record and Upload Your Trinity Digital Exam Performance Video.

How To Check Your Trinity Digital Grade Exam Results

An Easy, Step-By-Step Guide on checking your Trinity Digital Grade Exam Results & Comments online and to save & print a copy.

Finding Motivation to Practice Music

Learning music is an exciting experience, but practising it regularly can be tiring. Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself for staying motivated.

Home Tutors Or A Music School For My Child’s Music Lessons?

Many parents come to a dilemma in deciding whether to opt for a private in-home music tutor or get enrolled into a Music School. But before you make up your mind for assigning a home music tutor, be aware of some ‘downsides’.

6 Benefits Of Learning To Read Sheet Music

Dreaded with the thought of learning sheet music? Let us list at least 6 huge benefits you will be gaining by learning to read music!

Why pursue private music lessons while you are in a school band

Practising with a private music teacher ensures strengthening the learning experience of a child. Find out the reasons why students should sign up for private lessons even if they take-part in school music bands.

Why Private Music Lessons Are Better than Group Lessons

Private music lessons help children learn at their pace and overcome the shyness they feel in performing in front of others. Learn the benefits of private music lessons.

6 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Piano Lessons

Private music lessons help children learn at their pace and overcome the shyness they feel in performing in front of others. Learn the benefits of private music lessons.

Guide To Choose The Right Guitar For Your Guitar Lessons

Learning guitar is exciting. But many are confused with a lot of questions about what Guitar to buy. A few tips on these aspects will help your guitar lessons easy, enjoyable & fun.

The Benefits of Learning Music as a Family

Nothing is more captivating than playing music together with your siblings or parents, whether it’s singing across a bonfire, grooving on the dance floor, or in a jamming session.

Music Genres & How To Choose The Appropriate One

Amid all the genre choices, music students often land in dilemma. But, when it comes to master or compose, one should select a genre that reflects their soul best.

The Power of Music On Our Emotions

Music can reduce anxiety, stress levels and improve mood. It makes you forget the state of tiredness, improves your stamina, and helps you to perform better.

7 Benefits Of Music Lessons

Music lessons can have profound effects on the social and interpersonal development. Read on to discover the many benefits that music lessons have to offer.

Why You Should Continue Music Lessons Over the Summer?

School is out, but your music lessons don’t have to be. For those who took a break from music for sometime, make the most of summertime to catch up in a stress-free and flexible environment.

Buying a Musical Instrument, How Important Is the Quality?

Whether you are a hobbyist or an aspiring musician, here’s a little help for everyone to know how important is the quality of an instrument and what you should be looking for.

4 Reasons Kids Like Rock Bands

Thinking of joining a rock Band? We have the testaments of many students who went through this rewarding journey. Know the reasons why many music aspirants prefer being a part of an explosive Music Band.

How Ensembles & Band Performances Improve Music Skills?

Let’s face it; we all are hesitant to showcase our skills in front of others. Band performances and Ensembles help students boost their self-esteem while fostering teamwork.

How Music Lessons Help Kids Conquer Stage Fright

It is no secret that the vast majority of children experience anxiety when performing in front of people. With practice, rehearsals and constant support, your child can grow out of stage fright. Music lessons can help kids overcome their doubts and conquer stage fright.

Benefits of Playing in Recitals

Recitals help your child fight stage fright, conquer fears, and gain self-confidence. The standing ovation and a round of applause that children receive introduces a sense of achievement in them.

Four Ways to Turn Mistakes into Masterpieces

All music maestros and aspirants share one thing in common- musical missteps. But it is continual practice, perseverance, and focus that sets maestros apart. Learn how you can overcome your mistakes and turn them into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

2 Easy Methods To Tune Your Guitar

Learning music is an exciting experience, but practising it regularly can be tiring. Here are some key questions you need to ask yourself for staying motivated.

3 Benefits: Consistent Music Lessons

Continual practice and consistent music lessons are critical to a successful music career. There are folks who set new benchmarks and accomplished massive success while others pour-out their efforts but to no avail.

No Pressure: How to Enjoy Performing!

Nervousness can ruin your only chance to show the world what you got. Add vigour and spark to your performance to let the crowd sing along with you.

Children Build Important Life Skills With The Study Of Music

Studying music builds the necessary drive towards greatness in the hearts of children. Apart from that, there are other important skills to be learned with music lessons.

Prodigies: Are They Born or Made?

Every child has a potential to be a genius. With a supporting environment, right guidance, and continuous practice, every child can gain special expertise. If your child exhibits some remarkable music virtuosity, then give an opportunity to let his talents flourish.

7 Benefits of Our Music Lessons

From non-stop fun to getting an artistic flair, there are numerous benefits to our music lessons for children. Our teachers are well-equipped and experienced in the art of music. Our students, in particular, have the choice to pursue any genre they wish to master.

8 Reasons Your Child Needs Music Lessons

From enhanced communication skills to securing a creative flair, music lessons allow children to explore a variety of learning avenues. The earlier a child is provided with a creative outlet, the better it is for his all-round development.

Graded Exams: Are They Important?

Most people do not have an understanding of the term ‘Grade 5 flautist’. It is essential to understand the necessity of introducing a young musician who appeared in a graded exam.