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The Young Musician Music Institute is the ideal music school for enthusiasts who either want to learn how to play or improve their guitar skills by qualifying for the Trinity guitar exams. We have made it as comfortable as possible for you to pick up your guitar lessons in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Whether you want to become a professional guitar player or simply want to try something new and have fun learning, there’s nothing more essential than being taught by a veteran music teacher. ​​At our music school, Students can learn electric, acoustic or classical guitar, or their favourite songs and techniques they wish.

The lessons comprise of a vast variety of songs and genres such as Rock, Metal, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Country, Reggae, Classical & Folk.

Guitar Student at our Music School

The history of the modern guitar can be traced back to the 12th century, much before the invention of the Piano. In the evolution and in the modern form as we know has evolved around the mid-15th century.

Today, in it’s 3 predominant variations, it is one of the most influential instruments around the world, deeply percolating into almost all sorts of musical formats & genres.

Lesson Styles

Classical Guitar Lesson

Classical Guitar

Acoustic Guitar lesson

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar lesson

Electric Guitar

Guitar Lesson in Abu Dhabi

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