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Music Theory Lessons

The Young Musician Music Institute offers music theory courses, enabling anyone to learn the fundamentals of music. Our music teachers work with students of all ages and we offer music theory lessons to students of all levels, beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

In our theory lessons, students learn basic knowledge of note reading, rhythmic values, and other music terminology. As they progress, they are able to understand and analyze complex harmonies and rhythms in music. At advanced levels, the lessons involve music analysis and harmonic procedures and how to apply them in their compositions.

music theory student at our music institute

Music theory is the study of the fundamentals, practices and possibilities of music. As western musical influence spread throughout the world in the 1800s, musicians adopted Western theory as an international standard.

The Music Theory Studies is applicable to almost all modern day instruments, but is not directly attached to any particular instrument.

Music theory lesson in Abu Dhabi

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