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Keep your fingers moving, learn to play the piano now and we have the perfect piano teachers for you at our music school in Abu Dhabi.

The Young Musician Music Institute welcomes students of all ages and levels. Our piano teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of sight reading, playing technique and music theory, while helping you to play your favourite songs too.

You can learn your favourite music genre: classical, blues, pop, rock or jazz piano from our distinguished and experienced piano teachers. Our renowned piano teachers guide you to develop technical skills and learn piano more efficiently.

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One to One Piano Lessons in Abu Dhabi

Our exceptional one to one piano lessons in Abu Dhabi are suitable for students of all ages, from absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. Individual piano classes at The Young Musician Music Institute is the most efficient method for a piano student to make swift progress and develop skills from a tailored piano teaching.

Our piano lessons for beginners focus on developing the perfect playing techniques, which allows students to perform with ease and dynamics. Beginners start with the fundamentals like getting familiar with the keys, reading notes and rhythm, single hand exercises and then progress to two hand songs. Our teachers have designed piano lessons for beginners aimed at helping you achieve your goals faster while having fun learning.

Intermediate & advanced level students can opt for Trinity Graded Exams or focus on their performance perspective by moving on to our Performance Master Classes.

Trinity Classical & Jazz Piano Lessons

At The Young Musician Music Institute, our piano instructors help students to progress from the beginning of a pianist’s journey at Trinity Initial grade to the advanced piano skills of Trinity Grade 8 and diplomas. Trinity’s diplomas (ATCL, LTCL and FTCL) are intended for students who want to pursue a professional career as piano performers or piano teachers.

Rock & Pop Piano Lessons

We provide an opportunity for rock and pop music enthusiasts to gain piano skills through performing most popular songs across the rock and pop genres.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enrol for Piano Classes? Is there any possibility to assess the best piano classes in Abu Dhabi?

You can request an absolutely free piano trial lesson to meet our piano teachers and assess your learning style and personal goals.

I am in my fifties. Am I too old to start learning piano?

Absolutely not. We have students in their sixties and seventies. Whether you’re trying piano for the first time or picking up where you’ve left off or you’re an accomplished pianist looking to improve your technical skills, it’s never too late to learn piano!

What is the right age for my child to start piano lesson?

At around the age of four, you can start encouraging your child to identify melodies or start piano. Your child may be ready to start with piano, but may not be instantly capable of exploring the instrument due to lack of dexterity. Our teachers can assess and advise more personal suggestions with the initial trial lesson.

Do I need to have my own piano?

Yes. You will need a piano to learn and practice on. Home practice between lessons is an important part of leaning a piano.

Are the piano teachers qualified?

All our piano teachers hold Master’ Degree or Bachelor Degree/Diplomas from highly respected universities and colleges.

Are there international music exams for Piano? Do I need to take them?

We are affiliated with the Trinity College, London and we are one of the most sought-out music schools in Abu Dhabi. We teach the Trinity College London Rock & Pop and Classical syllabus from initial to Grade 8, Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship diplomas.

It is not mandatory to take an exam to be a better pianist, but it is important to assess your capabilities and analyse your skills. It helps you to identify whether your piano learning process is right or wrong.

How often I should practice Piano?

To get the most out of your piano lessons, it is important that you practice between lessons.

For young children and beginners in piano, we encourage 10-15 minutes of practice, four or five times per week. Intermediate levels require a minimum of 30 minutes of practice a day, at least four to five times per week. Advanced students who are involved in exams require a minimum of 45 – 60 minutes practice a day, at least four to five times per week.

How long does it take to play the piano?

It all depends on your capabilities and your objectives and the effort you put in for practices.  You should be able to play some melodious & simple piano pieces after a few lessons.

Termed as the most influential among all the musical instruments, the piano is in existence since the early 1700. Piano is also considered as the foundation instrument for all other instruments and also the visual example of all the theoretic musical explanations.

Since invention, it has been widely employed in classical, jazz, blues, rock, folk and numerous other musical genres.

Lesson Styles

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