Toddler Music teacher in Abu Dhabi

Toddlers Music Lessons

The Young Musician Music Institute has been bringing children and parents together through our toddler’s music lessons in Abu Dhabi. Songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play are all incorporated, giving kids the opportunity to experience a wide range of musical experiences.

At our music school, these music lessons help building their social and activity skills with other children. This fosterages creativity, self-confidence and self-expression and supports social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Children enjoy the fullest growth in each of these areas when they participate in our toddler music activities.

Toddler Music lesson

Children will begin to recognize rhythm and even swing to the beats of music right from a very early stage. Also, music imparts cognitive benefits that support a child’s early development.

It’s scientifically proven that music increases toddler’s sensory development & can improve literacy and numeracy. It elevates the mood and social interactive index.

Toddler Music Lesson in Abu Dhabi

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