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Violin lessons at The Young Musician Music Institute in Abu Dhabi impart the finest elements of playing the violin as a solo and ensemble instrument. Our violin lessons are in the classical, pop, and jazz traditions but can be adapted to any other genre one prefers.

At our music school, you can learn to use your musical potential in ways you have never imagined. Everyone has musical potential, but it sometimes takes an excellent music teacher to bring it out. With our accomplished music teachers, you will get a comprehensive violin education.

Try out our lessons today, you will never regret your choice to learn the fine art of the violin.

Violin Student at our music school

The violin, sometimes known as a fiddle, is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument (soprano) in the family.

Violins are important instruments in a wide variety of musical genres. They are most prominent in the Western classical tradition, both in ensembles and as solo instruments. Violins are also important in many varieties of folk music, including country music, bluegrass music and in jazz.

Lesson Styles

Viola Classical Lesson


Violin Jazz Lesson


Violin Lesson in Abu Dhabi

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