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6 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Piano Lessons

Did you always yearned to learn and play the piano, or are you looking to start piano lessons for yourself or your child? The piano is a very versatile instrument, and learning to play it is to be done in a very methodic way with proper guidance from an efficient & reliable piano teacher.

If you are seriously thinking about taking up piano lessons for yourself or your children, we’ve compiled a few vital facts for you about what you need to know and do before your start your first lesson.

Buy A Piano For Regular Home Practice

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the piano is a very versatile instrument and mastering it needs regular daily practice between your piano lessons. So, having an instrument at home is a must. You may not need a costly grand piano in the beginning, but investing a little in an upright piano is surely worth it. If you have space constraints at your home, then purchasing a good quality digital piano would be your best option.

Have Clear Dedication

Learning the piano clearly demands great commitment & dedication. Make yourself clearly dedicated to your piano lessons and don’t skip or take unwanted long breaks between lessons. Make yourself a promise that you will master your instrument in the least possible time!

Schedule A Time For Your Regular Daily Practice

Achieving the required dexterity for your fingers/hands will only come with constant & regular practice. So, schedule a specific time on a daily basis for your practice so that your skill level improves exponentially. Remember, more the skill level, the better you play & faster you learn. Your overall sound also will be improved drastically..

Piano Lessons in UAE

Set A Time-Bound Goal

Setting your goals high and realistic is the key to success. Set an aim to master your instrument to a certain skill level in a time-bound fashion. Reaching your set goals in every level within your self-stipulated time will immensely boost your morale and will certainly encourage you to set new goals.

Find The Best Option For Your Lessons

Your music institute & teachers will be having different lesson programmes to offer. Select the best lesson option that suits you absolutely best and also help you to achieve your goals quickly as planned. If you are a fast learner, don’t wait for a whole week to have your next lesson, but rather increase your weekly lesson frequency.

Find A Great Teacher

One of the most important factors before commencing your piano lessons is to find a well-qualified & efficient piano teacher who holds some great academic & performance credentials to be your mentor. An eminent teacher will certainly understand any stumbling blocks that you might face in your journey and can quickly suggest & guide you through to overcome them.

At The Young Musician Music Institute, all our piano teachers hold Masters in Piano and are well distinguished performers themselves.