Anastasia Zagorscaia

Piano/Music Theory/Dance
Piano & Dance teacher in music school UAE

Anastasia has done her music education in Moldova’s prestigious Music Schools and attained her Bachelors & Masters in piano performance from the ‘Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts’, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. She also secured her Bachelors in Dance from the same institution. She then continued to pursue her teaching career in different part of the globe, including the ‘Pridnestrovian State Institute of Arts’, Tiraspol, Moldova.

She is well adept in Theory of Music, Solfeggio, Harmony, Composition, History of Music, Polyphony, Musical Form, Composition, Orchestration, Improvisation and Jazz Harmony.

Anastasia had been billed at so many pro level piano concerts. Many of her students secured high distinction in both Trinity & ABRSM Graded Music Examinations & Diplomas.

She speaks English, Romanian & Russian.

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