Marzena Zajkowska

Violin/Viola/Piano/Music Theory
Music Teachers in Abu Dhabi UAE

Marzena did her Masters of Art In Violin & Chamber Music from the prestigious Music University of Gdansk, Poland. She had further undergone Master Class Training from professors of the Kiev & Moscow Conservatories. Her extensive & illustrative career began in 1986 with the best Chamber/Philharmonic orchestras & Bands in Poland. Since then, her incredible virtuosity on the violin had taken her across the globe, as a solo performer, orchestra member, teacher & manager to some of the most exotic institutions & arena.

As an orchestra/band member, she served the Slupsk Chamber Orchestra, Koszalin Philharmonic, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Szczecin Philharmonic, Musical Theater Roma, Ulrich Gerhards Gastspiel Theater (Kiel, Germany), The Baltic Opera, Opera House-Olomouc (Czech Republic), Kosice Symphony Orchestra (Kosice, Slovakia) etc. to name a few. Marzena is also serving as the Manager & Violinist for the Symphonix Orchestra (Warsaw, Poland)

Alongside, being a very hectic performer, Marzena developed her profound enthusiasm to be a sought-after academician. From 1986 onwards, She had served many prominent music educational institutions in Poland, Slovakia, Singapore, Republic of Central Africa etc.

She also had the remarkable distinction of being billed as the ‘featured performer’ on some of the most dazzling cruises around the world, including HAL Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, American Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines-Miami etc. She was also featured in the Grand Akan Hotel (Japan) & the Grand Hotel (Kuwait).

Apart from being an ace performer & a brilliant warm hearted teacher, Marzena does session works for other recording artists, writes projects for orchestra, organizes & involves in charity.

She speaks English, Polish, Russian & French.

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