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Home Tutors Or A Music School For My Child’s Music Lessons?

When it comes to enrolling their children for music lessons, many parents come to a dilemma in deciding whether to opt for a private in-home music tutor or get enrolled into a Music School. Home lessons with a private teacher looks like the most convenient option because you have a music teacher coming to you. But before you make up your mind for assigning a home music tutor, be aware of some ‘downsides’ to such arrangements.

Security Reasons

We are not to say that all home music tutors are awful, but there are bad elements in all walks of life. Entrusting your children with a complete stranger without running proper fact checks can be a serious security threat. Taking the final decision by a quick interview or a trial lesson may be like trying to judge a book by the cover.

On the other hand, well reputed music schools interview teachers about their professional and performance experiences and extensively enquire about their personalities & history. So, there are more chances of finding a dependable and trustworthy teacher with advanced music degrees from reputed universities, and having active performing and teaching careers. Moreover, institutions typically run background checks on its teachers to ensure their students’ safety and security.

Reliable Lesson Scheduling

A common complaint we hear from many parents is about their private music teacher making excuses about short or skipped lessons due to countless reasons like traffic, other engagements, cross booking, gigs, schedule changes, etc. Home tutors rarely have an attendance policy, and if they do, it’s mostly careless and hard to maintain. There is a risk of going weeks without a lesson because there’s no financial obligation.

Meanwhile, the regular weekly scheduling offered by a music school may be more convenient to you. A music school guarantees regularity by reserving your time with a teacher and also manage the teachers’ schedule so that they never clash. Also, since there are possibly several teachers available, you’ll be able to even enroll multiple family members at the same time. Since a music school is an educational institution, they employ several teachers for each instrument to be available at the same time, so the administrative staff can help you to find a teacher that best suits you.

Chances Of Collaborations & Group Performances

Two main reasons that many students quit learning music is the absence of peers and also their musical seclusion. If a student takes private lessons alone and to practice the whole week in solitude, boredom is likely to set in fast. But at music schools there are many students to collaborate with and many schools offer periodic recitals, ensembles & band practices that students can participate and enjoy. Jamming with friends and playing in a band or ensemble is the most rewarding musical experience for any music student.

Impact Of The Learning Location

It has been scientifically proven that children who learn in regular schools show improved levels of concentration and determination to achieve greater goals. Remember that ‘Home is to live and school is to learn!’ You can stay more focused and make speedy progress at a regular music school, where they provide instrument specific classrooms and well-maintained technical facilities.

Assessment Of Progress

As a matter of fact, in home based lessons it is very difficult to judge whether the lessons you’re receiving is perfect for you. It is difficult to periodically measure your progress too. But at a regular music school, they have pre-defined curricula, which address cognitive and musical objectives for each level. Some schools even convey & report students’ strengths and weaknesses to parents. Such appropriate performance evaluations lead to successful international certifications & a fruitful musical journey.

Continuity Of Education

If your private instructor re-locates from your area or is unable to serve you anymore for whatever reason, you are left with not a lot of great choices. Finding another teacher with the same teaching methodology as your previous teacher is nearly impractical and that may lead to learning difficulties for the child. But a regular music school will have pre-defined syllabi and all the teachers follow somewhat of a proven treaded path. So, switching from one teacher to another is not very stressful for the students.

So, should you opt for music lessons at home or music lessons at a music school? There is no definite right or wrong answer, but what matters most is what’s good for you and your family! So, before you make up your mind, weigh the pros and cones judiciously.

If you still have difficulties finalizing what’s best for you/your children’s music education, our expert councilors at The Young Musician Music Institute will be more than glad to guide you to make a wise decision.