Sheet Music Learning in UAE

6 Benefits Of Learning To Read Sheet Music

Many a time we see people dreaded with the thought of learning sheet music. Some people think that it’s outdated to learn & read sheet music, but that is just not true. While it’s a fact that many great stalwart musicians like Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Buddy Rich, Taylor Swift & Tony Williams, despite never learning to read music had made it big. But reading music is a priceless skill that any musician would immensely benefit from. Remember that if you are planning to break some musical rules, you better learn them first!

Let us list at least 6 huge benefits you will be gaining by learning to read sheet music:

1) You Are Going To Be A Versatile Musician

by learning to read musical scores, you can learn to play a myriad of musical styles, and too quick! Having an extended repertoire of musical styles in your bag of tricks will make people accept you as better & innovative player because you’ll be familiar with a wider range of playing styles and techniques on your instrument.

Benefits Of Reading Music in UAE

2. Collaborate With Other Musicians Easily

Associating with other musicians in the future is in your plan, then the ability to read music could be essential. A well prepared Sheet Music (or Score) keeps everyone in time, and helps avoid confusions in a band rehearsal or at a recording studio.

It may be a fact that you play very well by ear but it doesn’t mean that all musicians do! It’s inevitable that one day you’ll meet one that doesn’t play by ear. If you only know to play by ear and your friend only knows how to read from sheet music, it will be too difficult to work together as you both will be struggling to communicate.

3. Achieve More Musical Precision & Accuracy

Sheet music will allow you to learn faster and also with greater accuracy. Since the pace and the rhythm of your piece is clearly guided through on the Sheet Music, it’s highly impossible to go wrong that easily. Even if you play that song very well by ear, it is always a good idea to compare your rendition to the original sheet music to sieve-out a possible incorrect note or chord.

4. Easily Write Down Your Compositions

Sheet music is like learning a new language, and soon enough you can use this language to communicate your ideas with others. Musical ideas on sheet music will enable you to pass-on and play your compositions with other musicians for generations. If recording your music is in your future plans, this is very crucial.

5. Easily Recollect Your Music Anytime

Writing down your compositions in to sheet music is the best way to easily remember it. A quick glance at it some years later may be sufficient enough to refresh your memory. And best of all, if you ever forget, you don’t have to ask someone!6. To Reach your Musical Potential

6. Easily Understand Music Theory Knowledge

The best benefit from learning to read sheet music is the infinite music theory knowledge it brings to you. You will start to understand every aspect of music such as scales, theories of melody and harmony, intervals and chord progressions in a much better, faster and efficient way.

By learning sheet music, suddenly your eyes and ears will be tuned for more complex aspects of music. This is definitely going to make you a better and more well respected musician than you were before. So, if any particular reason was holding you back from making an attempt to start learning to read music, this last point will definitely interest you to have a try now!

If you feel a little more inspired now to learn to read sheet music, our music teachers at The Young Musician Music Institute can certainly help you to achieve your learning goals quick and perfect.