Music as a Subject of Study: A Closer Look at Why You Should Study Music

Nearly every person enjoys music. Despite its universality, many people think that music should only be studied by those who seem to have an innate gift. The truth is, anyone and everyone can and should study music.

Regardless of your musical skill level, studying music can be a gratifying and meaningful experience for people of all ages. It has several psychological and mental benefits to offer. Music, as a subject of study, can enhance communication skills, learning skills, teamwork, creativity, cultural awareness, discipline, respect, and self-esteem through a sense of personal accomplishment.

Research indicates a positive relationship between the development of spatial skills and studying music. The mixture of discipline, creativity, and communication that the study of music demands helps students succeed in society, in school, and in other areas of their lives.

Music is unarguably one of the most life-enriching subjects. It helps relieve stress, increases human connection, and improves cognitive abilities. Studying this universal language fosters creativity, triggers emotional well-being and offers far-reaching benefits that stretch way beyond the subject itself. This guide about the importance of music education highlights a string of vital benefits people get from receiving musical instructions, regardless of their age.

A woman playing the guitar sitting beside a girl wearing a scarf

Improved Overall Health

Musicians possess the fantastic ability to create, categorize, store and retrieve memories faster than others. When a person studies music, their brain needs to process extensive pieces of different information simultaneously. It strengthens the bridge between their creative right and logical left hemispheres. The more they practice music, the more the bridge gets developed. This helps them process information promptly to create creative solutions. Learning to play an instrument not only makes one more intelligent, but it also helps maintain good mental, physical, and emotional well-being due to its unique anti-aging and relaxing capabilities.

Enhanced Language Capabilities

Language and music have a deeply profound relationship. Many studies have revealed the link between better language development and musical instructions, especially in young people. Musical training trains and stimulates the same part of the brain that deals with language understanding and learning. The correct exposure to musical education helps people enjoy a greater understanding of tone and ways different speech segments align. It’s incredibly helpful for those looking to learn a second language.

Creative Inspiration

Music is undoubtedly one of the most creatively stimulating hobbies anyone can undertake. It helps spark creativity in children and adults alike. There are few better things in life than being able to create your own music by engaging in a music class where you can learn to play your favorite instruments.

A woman playing the violin

 Refined Hand-Eye Coordination

Learning any instrument at an elite level isn’t an effortless task. Musicians need to multitask. From reading music, interpreting it, and physically initiating it by playing an instrument, musicians need to develop their coordination skills, which gets easier with continued music practice. It takes considerable hand-eye coordination to play almost all instruments. Mastering this craft and applying it to other areas of life can be incredibly beneficial. For instance, hand-eye coordination is important to excel in many sports, such as those requiring racquets or bats. It’s also helpful in academia, as art and writing skills require the eyes and hands to work together in harmony.

Stress Relief

Music functions as a proven remedy for relieving stress, with research from Stanford University linking it to the music’s beats. At 65 BPM, music synchronizes the brain via alpha brainwaves, which are known for helping us relax. Over 30 minutes or so, music can help induce sleep too. Moreover, studies have found music can help improve mood states and prevent burnout. A musical session is an excellent way to take your mind off worrying about things and unwinding after a long, stressful day.

Social Skills Development

Besides improving teamwork, music also helps people socialize with like-minded people to create everlasting friendships. Music brings people together. When one takes up music as an extracurricular activity or hobby, they’ll be bonding with other music lovers who share their passion. This is especially important in a time where people are increasingly interested in communicating online through digital mediums. Music classes can be a refreshing return to face-to-face contact.

Four boys sitting on the grass, playing the guitar, and laughing during daytime

Instillation of Perseverance

Speak to anyone who has played in a successful band or mastered a musical instrument; they’ll all tell you that musical excellence is hard to come by. It requires a strong will to keep going and plenty of practice to improve. You must have heard people say, ‘progress requires utmost perseverance.’ An individual understanding the hard work it takes to achieve something is incredibly powerful. It’s a lesson they can lean on for the rest of their lives. And there are hardly any better ways to instill such perseverance than through music.

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