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Ukulele Is Not Obsolete – Learn About The Easiest Instrument in History

Have you been putting off learning a musical instrument because it’d be challenging? Are you intimidated by the fact that you may not be good enough? We have good news! Learning a musical instrument is not as difficult as it sounds.

Especially if you’re new to the world of music and have never played an instrument before, there are still many easy-to-learn instruments for you. For example, you can learn harmonica, ukulele, Cajon, guitar and even drums.

Learn about ukes and why they’re the easiest instrument to learn.

Uke – It’s Guitar-Like but Cuter

Ukulele is the tiny version of guitars. Unlike a guitar with six strings, uke comes with four strings, making it less complicated. If you’re looking for something basic and easy to transition into the world of music, the ukulele has got your back.

Even if you’re a guitar player, you can switch to the ukulele for variety or use it as the stepping stone to learning the basics of playing the guitar. In any case, the ukulele has its charm.

Reasons Ukulele is Topmost Easiest to Learn Instrument

The small size of the ukulele makes it suitable for anyone. Whether you’re a novice or a toddler, the ukulele can be easy to pick an instrument. There are many reasons why ukes make it to the top of the list of easiest musical instruments.

A girl playing the ukulele

1. Portable and Small

The ukulele is one of the smaller instruments, which makes them easy to carry around. Unlike piano – which is indubitably a phenomenal instrument to play – ukes can be carried around anywhere.

They’re the viable option for camp trips or friends hang out. You can’t expect to carry a piano with you on a trip, now can you? Even a guitar can be a pain when it comes to transportation for musical performances or getting together. Imagine carrying your acoustic guitar through a crowded rush hour. Soprano uke weighs under a pound on average, so carrying it will be like a breeze.

Aside from being an easily portable instrument, their tiny size makes them ideal for holding for long hours. Despite being lightweight, the ukulele is a durable instrument that won’t cost you a lot of money.

They’re lightweight, they’re cute, and they’re cheap; what else do you need?

2. Easy to Adapt

It’s challenging to play every song on other musical instruments, especially songs with chords. Luckily, the ukulele is one instrument that makes it easy to adapt to most songs. Most of the music can be simplified and paired down with a ukulele.

If you aspire to pursue your career in singing, you can use the ukulele to play thousands of songs without any difficulty. It’s way easier with the internet on your hand. There are a plethora of free resources that are only a tap away.

Even if there’s a song with difficult chords, you can simplify them with a uke because of its simple construction. It’s amazing what this tiny, four-stringed instrument can do that your regular guitar or piano with huge notes can’t. The very limited range of uke makes it adaptable and easy to approach the instrument.

3. Child and Beginner Friendly

Everything about this instrument –its lightweight size, structure, construction or strings – makes it one of the easiest instruments to play. If you’re a novice looking for a fun little instrument, or maybe you’re a parent looking for the easiest instrument for your little one, uke is the best choice for you.

Another reason is the friendliest instrument for your young ones, or even you because it’s operated similarly to any other stringed instrument. The nylon strings are easier to press down and hold, unlike bass or guitars.

For someone with small hands, a concert or soprano ukulele is a perfect instrument.

You don’t have to hurt your fingers to master an instrument. The short neck makes all the notes closer which is why you or your child can easily learn a new song.

Even the initial learning process is less stringent and doesn’t cause finger cramps or calluses like guitar strings do. If you have ever taken guitar lessons, you’d know it takes weeks before you learn to work your fingers around chord shapes. Surprisingly, you or your little one can learn their way around uke-strings in a 30-minute lesson.

A toddler playing the ukulele

4. Less Expensive

We know it takes a sizable amount of money to buy good quality piano or guitar. You can’t expect to get a guitar until the $300 range if you’re interested in upping your game. There are additional expenses like cables and amplifiers if you want to invest in a good quality electric guitar. While you can find some cheap pianos, the pianos’ transportation, tuning, and upkeep can steal the living daylight out of you.

But even the best ukulele is relatively low cost. You can find decent options under $50. If you’re wondering why are ukes so cheap? It’s because of their size. Being 1/8th the size of a guitar makes them less expensive. So start experimenting with music with your inexpensive uke.

Bear in mind, though, that all ukuleles are not constructed equally. Of course, the price difference would affect the quality. Don’t fall for cheap ukes sold on the internet. You may be in for a disappointment. It’s always important to do some research online and seek advice from someone who knows their craft.

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5. Primer for Most Stringed Instruments

Are you interested in playing violin, guitar or bass? Ukulele can be the starting point for you. It’s a great option for people interested in mastering a stringed instrument. Since ukes are adaptable and operated the same way, it’s a phenomenal primer.

If you aren’t sure you can commit to investing in a guitar yet, you can start with uke and gradually make your way to a guitar, violin or bass. You can easily translate your skills to playing the guitar because many of the chords you learn on the ukulele will be directly transferred to a guitar with different names.

The best thing about the chord shapes in uke is that they’re easy to memorize. The same chords that are played with 3 or 4 fingers on a guitar can be played with just one finger on a ukulele.

A woman playing ukulele in a park

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